New Doodling Stuff…

Still stressed out with life stuff (how about you?)  The doodling is helping though!  This week is the end of uni and we have a 2 week mid semester break coming up.  I do have some work to catch up on, but am hoping to also get on some craft

Latest Tangling Efforts

I have been quite stressed out about uni and some other life stuff, but I have been tangling a little and thought I would show you what I have been up to.  For a change I’m going with less words more pictures. For Adele Bruno’s Challenge – but I didn’t

Changing Directions… What did you do?

I remember a few years ago I was working on a contract and a colleague (one I quite admired) told me how most people have more than one type of career in their lives and it’s rare for people to stay in one particular line their entire lives.  At the

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