First Play with a Clay Extruder

So… I have been doing a lot of research, yesterday I was going to buy a cheap pasta maker from Big W ( a large discount department store in Australia, not sure what the equivalent would be elsewhere). There’s go for around $25AUD ( a good price here!).  I went

More Clay Stuff, First Attempts Continued…

Well… I am kind of disappointed with the final outcomes of some of my first experiments.  I mean, why don’t they look as awesome as the professionals’ look?! Hmm! When will mine look that good?! So far (well just as an aside I need to tell you that my 11

More About me Starting to play with Clay!

I did get some cheap clay – Mont Marte make and bake comes in a pack of 125g with 12 different colours. I found them at a discount art supply store in Harbour Town in Adelaide called Art to Art for $6.95. Instead of splurging and buying every Christi Friesen

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