Declaring my Intentions…

I have always been fascinated by miniature things. I vaguely recall a book that I had as a child that had photos instead of illustrations.  All the items in the mouse’s house (I think it lived in a garage) were household items repurposes to be dolly furniture.  I also remember

Wee Wednesday – update on Mini Things

I’m entirely unsure if I am confident about the Weekday Alliteration Title.  I am not sure how consistent I can be with posts, so maybe it won’t be every Wednesday, but I will try. QBerry’s Dollhouse update Qberry is (in my little fantasy world), Mimi’s sidekick in a circus act. 

Doll Flooring Dalliance – with a dash of QBerry

So I’m not sure if I mentioned but I can be a bit of a drama queen, so this last weekend was really out to push my buttons.  I promise not to yell and cry at you, but maybe you will understand why I did. Saturday the weather forecast was set

Next Steps on the Dollhouse -Stripping and Shingling

We spent a couple of days at friends’ this weekend but luckily we have a long weekend, so I got to add a flurry of activity to a couple of my current projects and feel like I have achieved something already even though it’s not even 2pm in the afternoon.

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