Japanese Terms in Doll Magazines Translated to English

Example of Japanese Directions in Sewing Pattern with Only One Term Translated

Example of Japanese Directions in Sewing Pattern with Only One Term Translated

This page is a work in progress 🙂
If you have a proper translation for any of the terms below, that I have made a mistake with, please let me know so I can rectify it!
I am not a native speaker of Japanese, and do not ‘read’ the patterns.  The information I have on patterns has been obtained by entering kanji, katekane and hiragana into translation engines from the mooks and patterns that I own.

I have become quite adept at this and manage to translate most patterns into something reasonable.  If you have a pattern you would like translated I would be happy to help, especially if you would like to trade the pattern for the translation. (please get in touch!)

Last Updated Jan 20 2016 – Added various new terms, Alphabetised terms by English translation

Parts of Clothing/Sewing Items


身頃 – bodice
襟 – collar / lapel
カフス – cuff
裾 – hem / cuff
ハイネック – high neck
裏地  – inside / lining / inner layer
長袖 – long sleeve
表地  – outer shell of garment /outside
パフスリーブ – puff sleeve
ラウンド ネツク – round neck
半袖 – short sleeve

袖 – sleeve
短冊 – strip
ろヨーク – yoke

Clothing Items


エプロン – apron
ドロワーズ – drawers/knickers/bloomers
ワンピース   – dress (one piece)
ダンガリー – dungarees
靴下止め – garters/ suspenders
ピーコ一ト – Pea Coat

シャツ  – shirt
シヤツワンピース – shirt dress (tunic)

靴下 – socks/ stockings



Types of Fabric (生地) and Trims


バテンレース – battenburg lace
ボビンレース – bobbin lace
シャンティー  – chantilly lace
莫臥児 – chenille / pipe cleaner/ braided lace
チェッ – Check
生地 – cloth/material/fabric
コーデュロイ – corduroy
綿 – cotton
はコットン – cotton
綿ブロード – cotton broadcloth
綿ジャージ – cotton jersey
綿ローン – cotton lawn
デニム – denim
デニム生地は-denim fabric
エンブロイダリーレース – embroidery lace
生地は – fabric (translates as dough though :))
ネル生地 -flannel
ファー – fur
ジョーゼット – georgette
麻 – hemp
天竺ニット  – jersey or knit (translates as India knit)
ニット – knit
レース – lace (race)

レース編み – lacework
薄物 – lightweight gauze
プリント –  printed (printed lightweight cotton)
純綿 – pure cotton
リボン – ribbon
纊 – silk cotton

ストライ – stripe
タッチングレース – tatting lace
ウール- wool
ウールジョーゼット – wool georgette


Sewing Related Terms


縢り – darning
縫い – embroidery
縫物 – needlework embroidery
裁縫 – sewing
ソーイング – sewing
仕立て – tailoring; dressmaking; sewing; making; preparation
々な柄 – various patterns (or patterned)

Some Other Terms


アレンジ – arrange (usually meaning other styles)
例 – example
お勧 めです – It is reccommended by me (I recommend)
毛足の長くない – It is not long haired (used when referring to low pile on fabric or fur)
ロング丈 – long length



Sewing  Tools


布用ボンド – fabric glue
ほつわ止め液 – fray stop
方眼定規  – grid ruler
アイロン – iron
定規 – measuring ruler
ロータリー カッター – rotary cutter

ハサミ – scissors
ミシン – sewing machine
縫い針 – sewing needle
木綿針- sewing needle for cotton
裁ちばさみ – sewing scissors

スチームアイロン –  steam iron


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