No Interwebs until 2012

Hi All, I have been away for a while, have done some stitching here and there, but mostly life has been in disarray. I had to move house, and did on the weekend, and my internet connection won’t be set up at my new place until the 3rd January, so

The Adelaide Quilting and Craft Fair Starts Tomorrow!

The Adelaide Quilting and Craft Fair Starts Tomorrow! Usually this involves me taking at least one day off work and spending 2 or more days (the entire day!) at the fair.  The fair does a tour around Australia during the year, and Adelaide is the last stop for 2011. I

Procrastinating – (Warning Long Pic Heavy Post!)

What have I been up to lately, well the title of this post is a big hintie Mc-hint 😀 I’m getting all excited about doing loads of things my mind is going wild with ideas but all I do is ooh and aah online and I don’t actually do anything

Spring Catch Up Post aka Lots of Stuff you Probably don’t want to Know ;)

So, last time I told you about my new machine, well I picked it up on Thursday night and it’s now Monday and I still haven’t opened the box.  Life has distracted me a little lately, but not only life, I think I have added a new hobby  obsession to

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