Changing Directions… What did you do?

I remember a few years ago I was working on a contract and a colleague (one I quite admired) told me how most people have more than one type of career in their lives and it’s rare for people to stay in one particular line their entire lives.  At the

Wedding and a Makeover

16 Mar No Comments Q Generic Ramblings

So I’m married now, It was (is) wonderful and everyone (I am pretty sure) had a wonderful time.  I will do a separate post on the dress I did decide on and the process for making it, but there are also lots of little projects I crafted along the way

Hi my name is Q… and you may remember from…

my blog, yes, this very blog you are reading, that I have failed to update for the last 4+ months. My health streak fell on it’s arse just before Christmas when the contract I was working in came to an unexpected hault. I fell in a bit of a heap,

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