Wedding Invitation Envelopes and Addressing Styles

I have always loved lettering in every form. I was over the moon if I got into trouble and had to write 100 lines of anything. I revelled in writing my cursive letters over and over and over when I started school. I drooled over my pen license and get

Brother Innovis 600 (Australia) Review

Someone contacted me via my blog (actually more than one person) about my sewing machine, so here are the details I sent them and essentially a review of my Brother Innovis 600 (Brother nv600) – The Australian Edition.  The Brother machines seems to have slight difference overseas to Australia and

Glass Etching Using Acid Etching Cream (overview/tutorial)

I hesitated using the word tutorial up there for a few reasons some of which are : It was the first time I did it, so not sure I classify as qualified to explain There are quite a few tutorials for doing the same thing, that do quite an adequate

Mini Fit to be Geese Ruler Tutorial

Firstly I have no affiliation whatsoever to the maker of this ruler.  There is a tutorial in the packaging of the ruler that is clear to follow and there is a video tutorial on the Open Gate Quilts website you can view here.  The ruler is designed and produced by

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