Next Steps on the Dollhouse -Stripping and Shingling

We spent a couple of days at friends’ this weekend but luckily we have a long weekend, so I got to add a flurry of activity to a couple of my current projects and feel like I have achieved something already even though it’s not even 2pm in the afternoon.

Camping, Top Hats and Tiling

now that I have your attention, my weekend last weekend did actually involve all of the above.Camping I mentioned in my last post we have a visitor at the moment from the USA who we are doing lots of touristy things with. Well this weekend we planned on going up

A Little Busy with the Natives…

Db has a friend staying with us from Seattle at the moment, so we have been very busy doing tourist like things. (ie I have not had much time to do dolly things).  I do have some doll news though, but I will get to that later. For those reading

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