SimCity Build It Coin Pop Up Resource

(Note: Several Updates have rendered this almost obsolete – the prices are still accurate but they do not cover all game resources currently available – edited to add 20 Jan 2016)

So I think I mentioned I’m a nerd in some posts somewhere along the line.  Recently I have discovered the mobile game offering SimCity Build It from EA Games. (it is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the app stores for either platform).  I had a bit of extra time on my hands and thought I would like something to help me decide when I say “I’ll do it!”  and when to say “No Thanks!” to the little coin pop-ups without selling myself short.  Mostly I remember the price ranges, but sometimes I’m a bit foggy and sometimes I am not quite in the zone, so I created a little graphic to help me decide if it’s worth it.

So Mayor, if you are running short on simoleons (grrr!) and you see the little coin pop up with a green tick indicating you have all the items required to fulfill the deal, you may find  this useful.

Sim City Build IT Coin Pop Up Dialog Box

Sim City Build IT Coin Pop Up Dialog Box

Please feel free to use this, but do not distribute it as your own.  You are welcome to link to my blog (hotlinking is turned off sorry, so you will need to link to this entry not the image directly).  The game graphics used are all copyrighted by EA Games, I did not create any of them.

Sim City Build IT Min Max Sell Price for in Game Resources

Sim City Build IT Min Max Sell Price for in Game Resources

I have not purchased the airport yet, so the Tokyo Town upgrade items and airport items are not listed in the image. (I do get Dr Vu items all the time though? what is that about?)

My Game Details

Playing since (guess): 1 April 2015
Level : 40
Population: 295,000
Specialisations Activated: Parks, Education, Transportation
Cargo Mechanisms Activated: Dock
Dr Vu’s tower: Nope
Realy Money Spent: ~$6AUD

When my game starts to go a little stale and I am running out of simoleons, I tend to review my luxury residential zones and look for any buildings that are not the shiniest 🙂  There are some buildings I really don’t like at all, if they show up anywhere for a while, I automatically bulldoze those zones and replace them.   This way you then have to upgrade them again and have an opportunity to make more money.

I usually spend achievement Sim cash on adding extra queue spots in factories and stores and I accidentally added a spot to my trade centre at one point.  I also speed up when the cargo ship is going to arrive.  At the moment I do not have an airport and I do not have Dr Vu’s tower.  I also don’t have an appliance store, so I buy all my appliance items when they are required for upgrades.

Recent Game Update

if you have given up or thought that you would stop playing the game, due to things slowing down or not being able to buy things you need from the dreaded or loved or loved to dread Trade HQ, the developers are continuing to work on improving things, so hang in there.  The latest update has added a neat feature for when you visit other cities (other those you are trading with or those you are linked to via social networking).

Sim City Build It Gift Update

Sim City Build It Gift Update

There is also now a Worship Specialisation (that is activated after Landmarks).  I actually only just saw that when I went from level 39 to 40 while typing up this entry.

Traffic Jams and Road Upgrades

The other thing I noticed is that now when you are required to upgrade a road (you get a red exclamation mark next to the road icon on the right hand side of the game screen).  The screen shows roads that have medium traffic and heavy traffic.  The medium traffic do not cause the exclamation mark to appear, so if you want to pre-emptively upgrade medium traffic areas – say if you are flush from sales or just spent your weekly app credit on simoleons – you will need to do this prior to upgrading the heavy traffic road, because the only way you get into this screen is when there is a heavy traffic road that requires an upgrade.

Sim City Build It Traffic Update

Sim City Build It Traffic Update

You can also get rid of heavy traffic if you don’t have simoleons to pay for it and it is an exhorbitant amount, by bulldozing some neighbourhoods or adding tiny u-turns or side roads if you have any room for them off your heavy traffic road.


Good Sources of Information

The best resources I found online that helped my game are the Sim City Build It game community website, created by reddit users, and the subreddit scbuildit.  There is also a forum on the official EA Games SimCity Build It page. (Click on Forums in the top menu).

Pay attention to whether or not the advice and tips still apply to the latest updates, as the game had some earlier quirks which allowed you to exploit some of the game mechanics, which are no longer available. I started playing after these updates, so hadn’t heard about them.

Please Note: I am in not associated with EA Games, SimCity Build IT, or the scbuildit subreddit in anyway.