Closely related to analysis paralysis, I am currently suffering from over procrastinating about every thing I have on my to do list.  I know from past experience telling you all about it does not necessarily aid in either motivation or increase the percentage of success of any project, but I’m a sucker for telling you about all my exciting plans and then being swept away by some happening or another.

Post wedding I have been determined to get back to blogging (so far so good) and to getting back to various hobby pursuits.

I have dolls I have not added to my collection pages or even photographed, I think I even forgot the name I gave one of them! (shock horror) I have furniture to make them, patterns to sew for them and rooms or scenes to set up for them.

I did a little bit of sewing and mum requested a table runner for her new dining table and even provided the fabric for it!  I was given a charm pack of Gobble Gobble by Deb Strain oops it was actually designed by Sandy Gervais (sorry Sandy!) for Moda Fabrics.

Table Runner Block Layout using Gobble Gobble Fabric designed by Sandy Gervais for Moda

Table Runner Block Layout using Gobble Gobble Fabric designed by Sandy Gervais for Moda

I have decided on the block pattern I will be using and selected my blocks and colours for them and placed them in the design stacking order, but no sewing has occurred yet. (Mum also gave me the background filler fabrics cream with a bergundy polka dot and cream with an olive polka dot.)

I also unpacked a doll house kit I purchased from e-bay in September 2012 (that is not a typo!).  The seller won it in a raffle from a model shop and was hoping I believe for a helicopter or plane kit.  I watched the auction not sell several times and then I sent a message to request what it would cost to send to my state (at the time it was too large and too heavy to be posted via Australia Post and needed to come via courier).  It retails in Australia for around $200 and I got it (including the courier fee) for $125 which I was quite happy with.  The kit is by Artesania Latina and is the Europa House.
This is the product image from Artesania Latina.

Artesania Latina Casa Europa - Europa Doll House

Artesania Latina Casa Europa – Europa Doll House

I would say the house is mid way between child’s toy and collector’s quality (not that I am very knowledgable in relation to doll houses).  It comes with paper for all interior walls, the stairs and all the exterior fittings, the windows and door are plastic and the MDF panels have grooves cut into them for easy construction.  After a dramatically loud fail to dry fit without the aid of tape (yes I did…) I left it alone for a day and then went back after I found my painters tape stuck inside another roll of different kind of tape and did the dry fit.

Artesania Latina Europa Dry Fit

Artesania Latina Europa Dry Fit

I would like to start working on painting and constructing it soon.

I am also lucky enough to be an aunt again this time on hubbie’s side (that may be the first time I have referred to Al as hubby in my blog *squee*). Connor was born on the 21st may.  He has an elephant theme in his nursery and I managed to find some perfect elephant themed fabric for a little quilt for the little guy.  I may have  to add a couple of elephant softies to the mix too!

I am going back to university (yep I did just turn 40) at the end of July and have not completed my enrollment process yet.

We also moved just before the wedding and there are still a few boxes about that need to be sorted out and packed appropriately.

I have some major plans for my blog too.  It got the make over and new theme installed already, but this theme comes with a large amount of cool features I have yet to add or explore.

I started creating an area dedicated to Japanese Doll Magazines (or Mooks) and intend to add a list of translated Japanese terms from the patterns in the books I have already.  I am also going to change the landing page of the blog, so that readers interested in particular niches I write about can navigate to that area quickly without having to by-pass entries that they are not that interested in.

And after a lot of consideration I will start to advertise with google and amazon affiliate links on my site.  I have had this site for a long time and it does cost around US$180 to host a year and I have also donated a part of it to people who needed a forum for their hobby discussions for free, so I think I will try to recoup a little of that ( I mean the hosting cost, I am not saying I want to charge the peeps using the forum) if possible.  I promise to always make it clear to you if something is an affiliate link or will earn me any money. and I am totally committed to only telling it like it is when it comes to any products I have personal experience using.  I have been in a situation where i had to review items, but was only allowed to write positive reviews and while I was honest in the nice parts of what I was reviewing, I would have preferred to tell about the bad too and to provide a more rounded opinion of the item under review.

oh… and the wedding thank you cards need to go out… *blush*

So it’s not like I don’t have anything to do…
Maybe this time telling you about it all will light a fire under my proverbial arse hey?
We will see.