just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left to distract me from quilting and stitching and dollies and trying to get a bit healthier…

I already told you about my new job, so you knew that was going to happen.

My partner went away for 3 weeks to Brisbane as well so I was home alone for a few weeks, then a week after starting my new role, I headed up there too but since it was only for a long weekend and we needed to drive back to Adelaide we decided a slower road trip would be the way to go.

I will post photos that are road trip related, but now all I have is news for you…

I’m getting married 🙂

yay! *spins*

Al proposed the first night of our road trip and then something really strange happened.  Someone who has never thought about weddings much became totally obsessed!
I am consumed with everything wedding and while I can’t wait to tell you about it, it is also very distracting.

I got new jewellery in my industrial piercing

Gemmed Industrial Piercing Jewellery from Anatometal

Gemmed Industrial Piercing Jewellery from Anatometal

I think my crafting will increase dramatically soon, with all sorts of wedding projects, so feel free to stay tuned to watch me go crazy about my new adventure!

Good Night, wherever you are!