Erm… there are no weight loss journey week 1-9 posts, initially I wasn’t going to blog about it – it isn’t stitching, miniature or doll related 😀  When I did decide I wanted to have everything prepared and organised to tell you about all my awesome ideas and plans.  Now I just decided telling you how I am doing will be good for me, and hey if it helps anyone else bonus!

Weight Watchers Tracking Status Bar

Weight Watchers Tracking Status Bar

I didn’t mention it in my last post, but in addition to attending weight watchers and sticking to the program I am also tracking my calories using My Fitness Pal (aka MFP).  I signed up to MFP mostly because when I started researching what exercise I wanted to do, most of the answers came from there.  I am a bit (probably a gross under-estimation) of a data nerd and slightly obsessed with plans and lists and schedules so I started tracking calories too.  I’m also now quite curious about how the calories stack up to weight watchers points, so as I pick up on that I will let you know.  I am not going to tell you weight watchers algorithm for points values or anything like that, it is proprietary information and wouldn’t really help most people anyway.  If you can’t afford to go to weight watchers over a period of time, you can still go to one meeting and get all the program information from that.

My Fitness Pal Details for Today

My Fitness Pal Details for Today

Weight watchers is a great concept and I believe it fits pretty well with the basic concept of eating less and moving more.  You are allotted a number of points to eat per day and each food has a points value that is subtracted from your daily total.  If you exercise you earn points that you can use for more food, you have an emergency points bucket for parties, life, sugar cravings or whatever.  It’s sustainable long term and promotes healthy food choices, healthy exercising and not limiting or excluding any foods.

My Fitness Pal does the same thing based on calories, it’s totally free.  Both have a couple of additional things going for them. Tracking what you eat increases your chance of being succesful at weight loss. Socialising with others in the same boat does too. My Fitness Pal has online forums and weight watchers does too (in addition to in person meetings).

I don’t think doubling up on good methods and processes is going to increase my success and I am  not suggesting it as an option, I am just saying that either of these methods seem to be perfectly reasonably strategies if you would like  to lose weight.

This week my caloric intake has averaged 1495, my weight watchers points have averaged  33 pro points (I am eating back exercise calories and points – some of them anyway) and I have lost 4.7kg  total an average of  around 0.5kg or 1lb. I try as much as I can to eat fresh food and cook from scratch, but I do have chocolate and candy and I drink beer and vodka and raspberry soda, but only if I have room for it in my points/caloric goals.  I am not paying much attention to the proportions of carbs/protien/fat but I might start looking into that.  I am trying to exercise 6 days a week.

My Weight Loss Chart as at 7 November 2013

My Weight Loss Chart as at 7 November 2013 – Home is slightly less due to Shoes and time of day for Weight Watchers Weigh ins.

Oh… on the exercise thing, I have been reading, doing some online research and asking lots of questions and have decided that I am not going to do Les Mills Pump 90 day program as I stated in my last post. Instead I am going to go straight into a beginner strength training program – and when I mean strength training I mean heavy free weights. If you are reading, you will probably find out a lot more about that in future updates.

On the craft side of things, the Adelaide Craft and Quilting fair is on this weekend and while I have not been stitching lately, my love for the hobby has not waned and as soon as I have my routine for the weight loss and fitness stuff embedded in my brain, the craft geekery will continue. I am still attending and will no doubt shop (well maybe), hopefully I can take some nice photos for those who are interested (where allowed to do so!).

GoodNight Wherever you are!