Over the last couple of weekends I planned to do some more quilting, but ended up sewing for some of the dolls.  You see when I sit down at the sewing machine, quite a few of the dolls are staring at me watching me take out my fabrics and sighing every time I pick up stuff they know are not for clothes our outfits. So I tried to appease some of them and made a few bits of clothes.  Most importantly Mona, my Babette Like a Butterfly – did not even have clothes!

There is a ‘sewing room’ on the SOOM website with instructions and a free pattern or two for iMda Dolls in all sizes and I used that to make the following for Mona.

Under Dress for iMda 3.0

Under Dress for iMda 3.0

Excuse my skew sewing there, but it’s only an underdress right 😉 – it came out a bit too short because when I made the overdress, you could not see the underdress beneath it, so I had to add an additional tier to the under dress and I made the overdress as well. After adding snaps, the fit was much cuter, I also made a headband and a new pair of socks, even though they don’t really match this outfit.

Mona Rose - iMda 3.0 Babette Like a Butterfly

Mona Rose – iMda 3.0 Babette Like a Butterfly

I started making another dress in pale pink muslin, wanting it to be a bit sheer and thin looking like the muslin.  When I had nearly completed it I realised it was a bit too tight for Mona and also for Mimi, so Kaylee was the lucky one to get this new dress.

Kaylee's new pink Dress

Kaylee’s new pink Dress

The hem needs a bit of an iron…. I am not a fan of ironing, but I will do that for her soon.  Not to be left out I attempted a teeny teeny dress for QBerry, it is not really suited to her style, but I wanted to follow a pattern for one of the tiny dresses to get a hang for sewing at that size. Will start experimenting to move toward her definitive style. This one was definitely a bit too cutesy for her!

QBerry dress attempt - From a pattern for a dress for a Pocket Fairy

QBerry dress attempt – From a pattern for a dress for a Pocket Fairy

for reference, Qberry is about 10cm tall, Kaylee about 26cm and Mona about 30cm.