There are lots of images to upload for this post and you all know how much I can dribble on and on… so watch out for this one, it’s going to be big!  Firstly I think adding my plan for the bed to the blog actually helped me along for this because I have made a huge amount of progress and, I even like it.

Miniature Dollhouse Circus Themed Bed Pre-Soldering

Miniature Dollhouse Circus Themed Bed Pre-Soldering

Pretty much the dealio (if you are going to be making a swirlified wired contraption like this) is to use jigs (especially if you need equal parts and duplicate parts but since I was going for whimsical and arty I through all the straight lines (well mostly) out of the -as yet to be completed window- and started to stick my metal bits onto another sketch of the plan (yes… yes I did leave my sketch in a book on my desk at work! aargh! Luckily I had a photo of it…).

Soldering is something I did for a semester back in the old days when I was doing circuts and divices in my electronic engineering degree (I only did that for a year then I wandered off the reservation for a while).  I loved it but mostly it’s not like riding a bicycle. Not that I can tell you _really_ since I haven’t actually been on a bike in a long time.

Miniature Dollhouse BedHead Soldered

Miniature Dollhouse Bedhead Soldered

I guess though all you need is for the bits that are supposed to stay together to stay together…. and I was going to paint over it anyway.

I used aerosol spray paint (for the first time) and then freaked out cos my kitty cat started heaving and ran out of the room. After getting her to drink I made sure that both she and I left the room and closed the door after the spraying.  Then when I was applying the beads I realised that the glue actually stripped the paint off the wire 🙁 and that since some of the soldering joins didn’t hold up and I wanted to redo them, that didn’t work so well over the paint either.  So the foot of the bed – not spray painted…

Miniatured Dollhouse Wrought Iron Circus Themed Bedhead

Miniature Dollhouse Wrought Iron Circus Themed Bedhead

The astute of you (ie probably most people who are not like me) would notice the bed is slightly shorter than intended here? well I cut the legs off a bit, after sticking it into the room for a size check.  The size is fine, it’s just the upstairs of the house has a gable roof and so the wall height where the bed will be is not a normal 1:12 scale height and it would look a bit bizarre, [Note to Self – This probably means no other tall items can go in this room, so I may have to re-think the wardrobe… ].  Other than that I am quite happy with the bed head and think it has kind of met my vision and approximated it. What do you think?

The process was the same for the foot of the bed, but it is far less ornate (don’t want to go nuts) and I didn’t spray it so it still needs a few more coats of paint to be completed. I have cut out the slats for the bed base but have not made long wire parts of the frame yet. This is my favourite project so far and it spurred me on to do some of the more boring bits that I have been procrastinating about for a while.

Miniature Dollhouse Circus Themed Wrought Iron Bed (foot end)

Miniature Dollhouse Circus Themed Wrought Iron Bed (foot end)

Yeah I know, I need to stop playing with the white balance in my photos…. I want you to be able to see the details (not that all of them are always nice especially when you look at the next few photos).  You can see them (those darn details) better with certain lighting.

That is the SideBoard I made a Few Weeks ago, with the purchased Treadle Sewing Machine But what are these blurry lines in the Photo??

That is the Sideboard I made a few weeks ago, with a purchased treadle sewing machine; but what are those blurry lines in the Photo??

Why, I do believe they look vaguely like window panes?! Don’t they?  One of the boring bits, I managed to get out of the way is the painting and installation of one of the upstairs windows. I have had the acrylic and timber cut for a while, but had not yet stuck it together or painted it. So now 1 out of the 4 windows has been completed! yeee haw (I watched Rango earlier today, so I think I am typing with a gun-slinger accent)

Miniature Dollhouse Window Frame

Miniature Dollhouse Window Frame

Refer to my comment earlier about you being able to see every little detail in the photos.  I could take this from further away without my shiny new Macro lens and soften it a bit so that it looks all neat and tidy, but I’m new to all of this, and this is what it looks like when a noobie tries to do all these things for the first time.  It’s fun and I wouldn’t change it at all, but I know there is a long way to go before I am making masterpieces (if ever).

Bathroom now has skirting boards and an attached wall

the Bathroom now has skirting boards and an attached wall

A little dark this one, but you can see that  I have finally added the skirting boards (even though I bought the mouldings months ago!) and stuck some plain white card stock over the parts of the walls that are staying white – because I just could not get the lumpy bits to un-lump even with my partner’s shiny new multi-tool sanding attachment.  Details here are showing you the gap between the wall and window and cardstock and the unfinished edges of the inside of the door.  I am going to cover that with a door jamb and finish off the edge of the windows.  Here my painting of the rim of the bathtub also looks super bad, even though I did use painters’ tape to help me with those edges.  These things happen. I am taking them in stride. If did try to make it all look perfect, it would never be done for the challenge (I have taken to calling it a challenge, since I know I am no contest to the field of talented miniaturists entering. )  I do think that I have done a lot more than I would have if I didn’t have a looming deadline and a lot less ideas or inspiration or even just plain old instructions if it weren’t for the others or their friends or the blogging miniaturists network out there.  So I am happy to be playing along and getting things done.  QBerry is happy too even if you haven’t seen here lately.  She is currently hiding from the cat who is particularly good at smelling out her mohair wig and totally adept at not getting caught on camera trying to grab her out of the house (1metre height) or out of the high shelves she lives on most of the time.  Suffice to say next time she has a photo shoot she may have a new hairstyle.

It’s the end of the weekend already, things at work are interesting but still a bit scary. My team as it was no longer exists and I am 2 floors away from one colleague and a building away from the others who have been desk neighbours for close to 2 years.  The inevitable plans of the company that have bought out the company I used to work for, are still not clear enough.   It’s with slight angst that I now watch parallel redundancies and mergers on tv or in movies.

This is the view of the upstairs of the house (what needs to be completed for Undersized Urbanite) as it is now.  The bed is in the wings and there are a few other bits and pieces that have been collected or made awaiting their place in the house other than what you see here. It feels like progress though.

Little Top Cottage Upstairs, Skirtings done, Walls Done, One Window Done(out of frame - no pun intended)

Little Top Cottage Upstairs, Skirtings done, Walls Done, One Window Done (out of frame – no pun intended)

Good Night, Whereever you Are!