That was supposed to read like a radio call sign (in case you just think I am totally loopy- well sometimes I am)

I haven’t posted in a while, and I am not sure how quick it’s going to be for me to get back into the swing of things at the moment. I just have too many other things that have a higher priority in my life right now, so apologies to anyone waiting with bated breath for updates.  I will try to put entries up when I can, but right now, not sure when that will be.

I am also 🙁 not going to be continuing with Undersized Urbanite.

I love working on the dollhouse and learning lots about miniatures but again, it is taking away too much time from things I need to focus on right now. So I don’t think I will make deadline and will therefore (slightly less gracefully than most) exit stage left and instead be a spectator.

I am ok, everything is fine, there are no dramatic illnesses I haven’t lost anyone close to me and nothing (overly) traumatic has happened. So no need for fretting or commiserations, everything is ok in Q-space.
Good Night
Where ever you are!