So I have one sketch to show you of what I am going to do.  I wasn’t going to share my big idea, but I think the reasoning was mostly around whether or not I thought I could achieve my vision.  I figured this way, I show you and I have to commit to attempting it.

I’m giving you the picture in my head in words first (yes I know sometimes it is difficult to take things out of my head and put it into words that others’ understand).  This is a good thing, if you ‘got’ everything I said when I said, you are probably just as much a fruit loop as I am (if so welcome to our little corner of the madness).

Our theme is whimsy and circus, and our bedhead is made of wrought iron painted white with pastel accent ornaments (in this case beads) to accessorise the vertical ‘drapes’ of the stylized big top.  The wrought iron swirls skate along the roof of the tent and curl up at the ends cos they are happy to be part of the circus.  The drapes of the tent spike out of the ground to meet the roof of the tent and randomly accept beads where required except for the entrance to the tent which is entirely adorned by beads welcoming all to it’s special place.  Instead of a flag we have a swirly wirly ornament at the apex of the tent and instead of spiky grass around the forefround of the tent, we again have happy swirling blades that tickle the feet of circus goers.  Topped off with a shabby chic style mattress (that won’t be seen but will be attempted) and cute harlequin print bedding in blues or pinks (I haven’t quite decided yet). Can you see it? Is it Beatiful?  Do you want to sleep in it?

Well hopefully the actual bed, will include of all the cutesy warm and fuzzy that I dream of and not just be a pile of mangled wires in the corner (some with blood stains from my inadequate wire bending hands) with a smattering of beads discarded on the prescious popsicle stick floor. 😀

So far we have a sketch….

My Sketch of the Circus Themed Wrought Iron Bed I am Making for Little Top Cottage

My Sketch of the Circus Themed Wrought Iron Bed I am Making for Little Top Cottage

Stay tuned and I will let you know how I am going with this project!
Good Night, Wherever you are