Not sure if you have been following along or not, so background is in the Undersized Urbanite Challenge I am going to trim and decorate Little Top Cottage inside and out.  But I decided I would only aim to complete the house itself (outside) as well as two of the rooms inside. I hadn’t really chosen the 2 rooms yet. Even though I have been making bits and pieces that will end up in all the rooms. Options are a bedroom/craft room; a bathroom; the lounge and the kitchen.

My mind has been whizzing about with ideas for QBerry’s bed, so I’ve decided that I am going to choose the bedroom and since I have started on sculpting the bath tub – the bathroom.  I have not thought about layouts yet and I think I would naturally over-estimate the amount of space I have for QBerry’s stuff (I do that all the time in 1:1 scale). I have been thinking for a few weeks I should measure my space and start thinking about my layout, so I may do that when I get home tonight. (I did but have now forgotten where I wrote the measurements so will need to do it again!)

Looks Like I have been cutting and pasting some wood though?

Looks Like I have been cutting and pasting some wood though?

Actually I hope that even though I am planning to do 2 rooms that momentum will push me to doing all of them, but I really don’t want to set myself up for too much of a failure.  There are about 4 months left to go but… There is also

  • full time work,
  • at least one camping/fishing trip,
  • Easter,
  • my birthday (yay!),
  • DB and my second anniversary – (yes I am passed 35 and my relationship longevity has not hit 2 digits),
  • one of my brothers’ birthdays,
  • valentine’s day,
  • Australia day  (I started this post before)

and I am sure there are lots of other things I have forgotten in there that also take up time!
I’m not whining… (exactly) I know in the grand scheme of things I am very lucky and even in the very small scheme – I don’t have children to look after or raise and mostly everyone is quite tolerant of my hobbies.

Bedroom/Craft Room:

  • I am not sure if I want to show you the whole process for the bed, or leave it all until it’s done and do a big reveal post including my ideas to start off with. I’m going with big end reveal…
  • Sewing Table – have purchased this (see miniature and doll finds), will go in the craft area I think QBerry would work on costumes and other circus crafts here.
  • A mannequin for partially worked on costumes
  • Storage for craft items
  • A wardrobe
  • A display for the umbrellas used in the act – thinking either a coat rack with multiple brollies or individual hooks for each brolly to sit horizontally against the wall
It's all Clamped but it looks like it could be some craft storage?

It’s all Clamped but it looks like it could be some craft storage?


Despite the large-ish older style bath tub, I want the bathroom to be quite sleek and minimalist.  I have one or two circus theme elements that will tie in to the overall feel but not mess with it being stylish and clean lined.  Maybe I shouldn’t even try to label the styles or concepts and then leave it with you to tell me after what style it is? – I’m not necessarily down with all terminology see? – I know some multi-syllable home decor terms but I’m not so sure of their definitions.

  • depending on how I do with the tub it will be white or white inside with maybe black outside?
  • Mirror/Vanity with some circus theme added in
  • Towel Rails with circus theme – am thinking they would be acrobat trapeze bars with towels draped over them
  • at least one plant (aloe vera)
  • a shower head maybe curtain rail
  • the loo – do I have to? not that excited about making one but don’t want you thinking QBerry has no facilities.

I have actually started sanding and finishing the tub (it’s still a bit lumpy, but so am I, and people like me ok?). I forgot to take an updated photo last night and don’t want to go back into our bedroom (yes I sanded it in bed, photo of clamped furniture above is also in bed) and wake up my partner it’s only 5:30am.

Arya Looking After the Clamps (supervising my work)

Arya Looking After the Clamps (supervising my work)

Most of yesterday I spent cutting, painting and making a sideboard for the craft/bedroom area. I used the plans available here on Bricolage en Compagnie – You can see hers is way more professional looking than mine, but most of this is the first (or maybe 2nd time) for me building things and if I keep going till I get that good I don’t think I will make it in time for the deadline.

Miniature Sideboard for Dollhouse WIP

Here I was re-painting the outside after putting things together.

So finally I ended up with a Sideboard that will house some fabric bolts and some other stuff, that I don’t have yet 😀 (haven’t made yet). Not sure if I should start re-thinking this make everything myself thing?! Those who are comparing mine to the original and laughing at all my mistakes will also see that mine does not have the little pieces separating the drawers. Well, I looked at the plans and thought it wouldn’t matter if I made the casings of the drawers out of 2mm balsa instead of 1mm balsa as instructed… Lucky for me, all that meant was that I could leave out those bits.  I will definitely need to be more careful with the measurements in the future!


Miniature Dollhouse SIdeboard Made from 2mm Balsa Painted White

Miniature Dollhouse SIdeboard Made from 2mm Balsa Painted White

The drawer pulls are the only things here that allude to circus life. They are round nail heads and star shaped brads stuck together and stabbed into the wood.

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