So… the Adelaide Quilt and Craft Show was on again last week.  I took Friday off and attended with my mum for the day.  As I have been focussing a lot on working on miniatures and making doll clothes, I did think that I would not be as caught up in the fair, but I was still excited and really looking forward to the day. (and of course the shopping!)

I have a pic of the line up that I want to put here, but I forgot it… Most of the booths and displays did not allow photos or if they did, did not allow it to be published on blogs.  I think it’s silly – but that is my personal opinion. So there are no Craft Show Eye Candy photos.

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show Friday 9th November 2012

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Show Friday 9th November 2012 – about 9:55am the line curved around to where I took the photo from

I had a list of things I was going to look for:

  • an embossing stylus (it’s really useful for making miniature flowers and I am sure lots of other things)
  • some flannel fatquarters (still secret at the moment)
  • issue 7 and issue 8 of Vignette for the Vignette in Stitches Mystery Quilt
  • A kimono patchwork pattern (for my Asian influenced roombox)
  • A temari ball pattern (I think they are awesome!)
  • Anything scrapbooking wise that can be used in the dollhouses and roomboxes
  • 32 Thread count or higher linen for doll house scale needlework
  • Any cheap mini paper punches
  • Anything else that would catch my eye

We attended 3 workshops but missed out on one that we would also have liked to see due to a time clash.  The one we missed out on was by Monica Poole, the designer behind moonshine designs. It was about her methods of doing quilt as you go.  I have a pattern by Monica, which I started working on one day in August last year, and then promptly stashed it away without touching it since.

I was so excited by all the quilts on show in both the quilting store stands and in the amazingly gorgeous exhibition that I was inspired to get going again on the Sleepy Sheep Quilt.  The idea behind the quilt as you go here is that you use double sided fusible interfacing , make your sandwich via Monica’s directions and then a tiny bit of quilting later you are good to go.

Sleepy Sheep Quilt Pattern by Monica Poole - 4 Panels down, one to go

Sleepy Sheep Quilt Pattern by Monica Poole – 4 Panels down, one to go

Because this was really the first actual item I would free motion quilt on other than the practise pieces in the class that I did, I did initially find it quite daunting.  I took out another practise piece (after finishing two striped panels of the quilt – I had already completed one striped panel and a free motion quilted panel of sheep) and played around with my free motion foot.  Everything seemed ok, still scary, but ok and I went ahead and dove into the sheep panel.  8 Sheep bodies down and 3 sheep heads in to the quilting I managed to get a serious thread tangle around the motor of my machine getting a “safety device has been activated” message and could not sew any longer.  Because the tangle is in the deep dark reaches of the body of the machine, that I did not want to open up and play with, my recourse is a service. I am due for a service (I bought my machine in September last year) so I don’t mind but I did mind losing momentum on finishing this very cute and long awaited quilt project.

I will get my machine back in a couple of weeks (eek!).  I do have an older machine I could play with in the interim but I am not sure I would be comfortable with doing the free motion quilting on that one, even though it is the machine I did my class on.

Arya did a great job of inspecting my work and testing the quilting out for comfort.


Sleepy Sheep Quilt Pattern by Monica Poole - 4 Panels down, one to go

Sleepy Sheep Quilt Pattern by Monica Poole – 4 Panels down, one to go