I’m not going into why, but iPads, iPhones and iPods not too mention any actual Mac would be in serious danger of being beaten up with a baseball bat in my presence. In my eyes the ubiquitous apple should have horns and a stingy tail not a chunk bitten out of it.  Anyhoo…

That didn’t stop me from wanting to make one of these iPhone Covers in Janelle Wind’s book “Pieces of Me”. There is a beautiful one in Janelle’s header and here is a link to another gorgeous one made by Bloom.

So we all know I am a bit of a dumb arse right?!

Right, well then it wouldn’t surprise you that I tried this 3 times before I was happy with it 🙁

Janelle Wind Ipod Covers from her  Pieces of Me Book - Attempt 1 and Attempt 2

Janelle Wind Ipod Covers from her Pieces of Me Book - Attempt 1 and Attempt 2

Attempt 1

First off I read 3 and 3/4 inches, but I cut 4 and 3/4 inches, so I was off to a great start!

I forgot entirely to cut a square of fabric for the pocket lining (yes… clear as day in the instructions!)

I sewed my pocket onto the front piece with right sides facing, when it was supposed to be with the wrong side facing the right side.

I tried to make a frill using the method Janelle suggests but me and my bobbin threads, we aren’t friends… so I pleated instead.

It looks wonky, it is wonky… and I didnt’ like it.

Attempt 2

Slightly different mayhem to attempt 1

I repeated the dumb arse move with the pocket as per above… way to go learning from your mistakes Q!

Then when I ‘fixed’ it, I actually attached the frill to the wrong end, so the peeper bits (in attempt 2 they are the dotty fabric) so instead of pointing down they point up?!

The frill… still not friends with my bobbin threads 🙁

Also a bit wonky

I finally (on my third attempt) made one I am happy with (I am still not pleased that it will probably hold an Apple product, but Cest La Vie nou?

I ended up hand stitching the frill to get it right, and did not make most of the other goobie errors I made the first two times, my third time.

Janelle Wind Ipod Covers Attempt 3

Janelle Wind Ipod Cover Attempt 3

I still don’t know what is up with my camera, when I expect no flash (like above) it flashed and when I expect it to (like below) it doesn’t!

I’ve still been ill… so more and more hand stitching… I have been at my hexies for the Vignette Hexagon Quilt for a while now, but I also had one other hexie project (a little one!) that I wanted to try.  It’s the Hexagon Purse Pattern by The BirdHouse (link takes you to pattern  item at Cookies and Cream Craft).  The suggested size of hexies are 3/4 inch, but I have some 1/2 inch papers so thought I would try that.

Just so you know, I had not read about Myrtie until just before I posted this… You need to see her work here at Loft Creations!

Half Inch Hexies Nearly All Stitched Together

Half Inch Hexies Nearly All Stitched Together

That is a 6 by 6 inch cutting board but that is all I need for the pattern, so should have a finished product to show soon!

I have 48 completed hexagon flowers of the 140 required for the Vignette Hexagon Quilt. When I see all the pretty Hexies on the Vignette Hexagon Quilt blog I am really drawn to the fantastic colour coordinated ones.  My flowers are so far scrappy and I keep wanting to start over.  I have a serious scrappy fear I think…  Do you prefer scraps or colour coordinated lines?

48 Hexagon Flowers for Vignette Hexagon Quilt

48 Hexagon Flowers for Vignette Hexagon Quilt

The gaps will have white hexies with teeny stitcheries on them… here they are our lounge room rug.  Maybe when I get further down the track I can remove some of my scariest scraps and replace them with less scary ones?

Good Night Stitchers, where ever you are!