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Mini Me Close Up

Mini Me Close Up

so I thought I would do one of those let’s get to know the blogger things…

Here are 50 things about me:

  1. Today I am 36 years and 9 weeks old
  2. I am a pisces and a wood rabbit
  3. My favourite colour is blue
  4. I did not watch the royal wedding
  5. I had a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast today
  6. I am the eldest of 3 children and the only girl
  7. I have no middle name
  8. Fruit in or on savoury items really bothers me
  9. I don’t like to share, but I will freely hand over my leftovers
  10. I used to open beer bottles using my teeth instead of a bottle opener (until I chipped my tooth!)

    Its a Hoot Dresden Blocks
    Its a Hoot Dresden Blocks
  12. My middle finger on my right hand is double jointed
  13. Love is more important to me than Money
  14. I really do like filling out forms
  15. I type about 60wpm
  16. I don’t like the idea that we kill animals to eat them, but I really like meat 🙁
  17. I have so far been entirely incapable of growing plants
  18. My most embarrassing moment ever, was when my brother told our entire karate class that I had started growing pubic hair (I was 12)
  19. I used to tell everyone as a child that I was adopted and my ‘real’ dad lived in San Francisco
  20. Until I was abbout 25 I was still petrified of monsters under my bed, and if the light was out and I had to get into bed, I would kind of jump onto it from half a metre away instead of getting in right next to it, to stop the monster from grabbing my ankles
  21. I went to 2 primary schools, 2 high schools and (so far) 2 universities.
  22. Sweet Broderie Fat Quarter Pack and Cosmo Thread Pack for Vignette In Stitches from In Between Stitches plus Candy!


  23. I deliberately avoid having anything to do with apple products
  24. I will kick your butt at scrabble
  25. I know how to do cryptic crossword puzzles
  26. If you are a spider you are very welcome to wander about my house, live in corners and be in my direct or peripheral vision, but if you crawl on me I will scream and then probably want to squish you
  27. I wear a Australian Size 6 and European size 37 shoe
  28. I don’t want to ever live in a world without cheese
  29. I am currently addicted to diet coke, and drink at least one day
  30. I have never had a speeding ticket, but I have (more frequently than I would like to admit) driven into stationery objects
  31. I’m a cat person but I do like dogs
  32. I prefer vanilla to chocolate icecream
  33. Enchanting Charlotte

    Enchanting Charlotte

  34. I prefer cookie dough to cookies
  35. I consider myself Australian and South African
  36. I am extremely emotionally sensitive and cry at the drop of a hat
  37. I tend not to watch comedies because I over empathise with people embarrassing themselves and either change the channel or leave the room
  38. I am petrified in horror movies even the really bad predictable ones
  39. I think that if I were ever really afraid and needed to scream, I would not be able to do so
  40. People tell me to shut up a lot because I talk to much, too loud or too long and I interrupt them
  41. If I am presented with an opportunity to tease anyone, I probably will
  42. I take on the ambient mood of those around me
  43. I often compliment random strangers if I like their shoes or hair or nail polish or anything else I notice
  44. Miss Perkins from pattern by Melly and Me in Grandmothers Flower Garden Fabric by Rosalie Quinlan

    Miss Perkins

  45. I am not afraid of the dentist
  46. I am a very tactile person, talk with my hands and like to hug and touch.  I will pinch your cheeks if I think you are adorable.
  47. I can change my own tyre and install my own car stereo
  48. If there is a sign that says wet paint, I really want to check
  49. When walking over any kind of area where there are tiny cracks or narrow grids, I have an overwhelming desire to throw something important (like my car keys) down them even though I know I would not be able to retrieve it.
  50. Recently on two or three consecutive occasions, I have opened the front door of my house to talk to a visitor and locked myself out
  51. I am petrified of heights
  52. I love singing out loud, but I am really quite bad at it
  53. Right now, it’s 11:20am and I would really like a beer
  54. Given the opportunity I love playing in puddles and walking in the rain.

What do we have in common?
What don’t we have in common?

Have a great Friday and weekend!