I was going to post this last night, but I thought that the person who I made the pony for might see it and it would ruin the surprise, I realise now (since she isn’t at work today, so still doesn’t know) that it is highly unlikely that anyone who I know personally (as in see in real life) would be reading this anyway.

So other than the new Le Petite Project for this month (Endless Summer by Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts), I am focussing on quilting and backing and binding, because evidently (yeah, I know it came as a complete shock to me?!) your quilt isn’t actually done until it has been quilted and bound.

I’m also licking my wounds (emotional ones) from becoming single (again) last week. One of ( or quite possibly all of ) my grandparents are probably doing the proverbial turning around thing now, with their oldest on one side and oldest girl on the other side still being unmarried and *gasp* childless 4 days before crossing over onto the wrong side of her mid 30s.

So Friday night, I completed quilting the 1800’s Vintage Doll Quilt that I (tried) to make. It was gifted to my mother, who thought that my hand quilting was rather well done stippling ?! And didn’t say anything about the bad angles and the general non-square-ness of this square quilt. Saturday morning I got up early-ish and made a pony.

She is from the Pippi Pattern from Melly and Me.  A friend here at work has horses and one of hers hurt her foot a few weeks ago – look away now – and ripped one of her toe nails off her foot – you can look back now. So I decided she needs a horse that won’t hurt her foot.  Pippi was bigger than I anticipated, but a fun, quick and easy pattern that I finished in a few hours.  Great way to spend the early morning!

Pippi from pattern by Melly and Me  Pre-Stuffing

Pippi from pattern by Melly and Me Pre-Stuffing

I was so happy with her, I took her around the house for a photo shoot, here she is on top of niecey poo’s toy shelves. Looking out over the play pen.

Pippi from Pattern by Melly and Me Play Pen Pose

Pippi from Pattern by Melly and Me Play Pen Pose

and then I took her outside to nibble on the undergrowth below one of my brother’s Bonsai trees.

Pippi from pattern by Melly and Me grazing

Pippi from pattern by Melly and Me grazing

I also started finishing (started finishing?! – that sounds idiotic if you really think about it) my Mon Ami Schnibble – added the borders and basted it and started quilting. I believe I could finish the quilting and binding tonight. (A little optimism never hurt anyone did it?).  I am also thinking up inventive ways to add more red to My Sweet Spot Schnibble and started blanket stitching around the sawtooth stars last night with red thread.

I was quite afraid of the finishing bits because I am petrified of quilting (well free motion anyway).  The idea of spending all that time stitching and making a top I like and then stuffing it all up with the quilting, makes me feel ill.  I have now realised it’s not so bad if my work is not stippled or beautifully free motion quilted. So I will do this and maybe have a go at the free motion stuff, every now and again, to see if I might improve.

I also need to finish my Dresden Plate Runner, which I am using as a wall hanging; and my Amy Butler Daisy Chain, High Flying Geese quilt. As well as make a pot holder later in the month for my swap.  With this in mind, only little projects like Pippi, that I can start and finish in a morning are allowed to be commenced.

Well that’s the plan today anyway…