I decided that this month, I needed to actually do some quilting and binding as opposed to piecing tops and declaring them completed. I also quite often decide things and then unbeknowst to me my evil twin takes over and undecides said things for me.

Instead of buying stash fabrics this pay for pretty piecing and cutting up into smaller pieces, to make blocks or toys, I bought larger pieces of uncut fabrics, pretty no doubt but meant for backings and bindings instead.  The first quilting project I attempted after my 18month hiatus from quilting class and first quilt top being kinda sorta pieced, I think, was this one.

It’s a beautiful project on a teeny scale and the tutorial is available at Moda Bake Shop , as of course are a lot of projects I do or am interested in doing.  The little squares are 1inch but Sheryl Johnson of Temecula Quilt Co, who wrote the tutorial has some ingenious little methods of working with slightly larger pieces than that most of the time. You can read about how I did with the beginning stuff here .

I had stitched the quilt top together ( a total disaster by the way) how can you go wrong with 9 patches Q? Well I did… almost none of it is square, it’s more like a 9 patch parallelogram or maybe a crazy 9 patch? I dunno, it’s terrible, I hated it and didn’t want to touch it ever again.  But then I also would not be able to tick it off the list would I?  It would be a UFO forever…

I thought I would feel better if I took the plunge again and tried to finish it.

I had started hand quilting (oh yeah, I had basted it at some point…) 3 of the larger rectangular bits (there are 4) and then stopped there.  Today I completed machine quilting and the rest of the hand quilting – you can’t really see it though (Note – if you spend time killing your poor little finger and sticking a little needle through layers of fabric and batting and sometimes the skin on said finger – make it so you can see it?! )

and then I used my new fangled Clover bias binder maker 25mm to make binding (not bias though straight grain), and I attached it entirely by machine, blasphemy you say? Well I mentioned my poor little finger right? and the rest of it sucked so how bad could it be with machine attached binding.

So here is the front:  I used Symphony Fabric Collection designed by Sentimental Studios for Moda ( a charm pack) and some plain cream or beige homespun.  The backing is something from my stash I don’t have an identification for and the binding fabric is from Art Gallery Fabrics, but I forget the name.

1800s Vintage Doll Quilt Completed

1800s Vintage Doll Quilt Completed

I wasn’t going to show this, but since part of what I am doing is learning as I go, you get to see all the horrors too. (boo hiss!)

And this is the back.

1800s Vintage Doll Quilt Quilt Rear

1800s Vintage Doll Quilt Quilt Rear

Now… before I change my mind and delete this post, I am going to run away.