My Layout – Don’t Make me Choose was made Layout of the Day at The Digital Scrapbook Place

Dont Make Me Choose

Dont Make Me Choose

My Layout for a challenge named Fly Your Flag

I was born in South Africa. My accent is 70% Sth African. There are some things that English can’t express as well as when you mix English and Afrikaans together. I had my first boyfriend and first kiss in Sth Africa. I have Cape Malay heritage unique to Sth Africa. I have more Face Book Friends from Sth Africa than any other country. Nelson Mandela is my hero and always will be. I love Table Mountain and Lions Head and Signal Hill and all that lies below it. I love braais and meebos and biltong and guava juice. I love how growing up there gave me a strong sense of ethics and justice on a global scale. I love that summer isn’t too hot to stay outside all the time and that at the end of a season there I am browner than I can ever hope to be. Mostly I love the people, my friends and all my family. Sometimes I want to be in 2 places at once.

I live in Australia. I am now an Australian Citizen, but comfortable that I can apply for dual citizenship. I love how most of the population here has a very high standard of living. I love that here I could afford to go to university on my own. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have because of living here in Adelaide. I love Barbecues and beer at the pub and pavlova and lamb roasts. My accent is 30% Australian. I love how living here has humbled me and given me a more rounded view on life, people and the world. I love that it’s ok here for me to be 35 and still not married. I love the level of gender equality and opportunity I have in my career. I love the River Torrens, the beaches and the Bay. Mostly I love the people, my friends and all my family. Sometimes I want to be in 2 places at once.

Credits for Digital Scraobooking Products
Irrisistable Irridescent Page Kit designed by Kim Liddiard
Inkarrific Dashed Delight Stamps designed by Kim Liddiard
It also has a background from Friendship Spans the Globe Page Kit that was originally in Club Digital in March 2006!!! Before I signed up even! that was also designed by Kim Liddiard
DSP Mr Orange Sue designed by Suzanne Walker
DSP PollyAnna designed by Suzanne Walker