Makins Clay Extruder

Makins Clay Extruder

So… I have been doing a lot of research, yesterday I was going to buy a cheap pasta maker from Big W ( a large discount department store in Australia, not sure what the equivalent would be elsewhere). There’s go for around $25AUD ( a good price here!).  I went and they had sold out and the display model didn’t have a handle. Then I thought I would go to Spotlight ( a large craft, curtain and home decor store) as they were having a 20% off sale. They do not stock a lot of clay or modelling supplies (Sculpey III, some Sculpey Kits and moulds and a Renoir Extruder ~$30AUD) I played with lots of beads in the chuckouts, but ended up walking out of the store with nothing.

Then I went to a store near me that stocks Clay Supplies called Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies, I would see what they had a buy a few things. There website has a good range and decent prices (though going into the store does cost slightly more than buying online and getting things delivered).  I saw the Makins Ultimate Extruder out of my price range got some Mini Geo Cutters and a very cheap plastic extruder ($13AUD). Now I had read about not getting a plastic extruder, the pressure you need is too great, if you really want yada yada yada… Check out Eugenia’s good comments Here where she describes that she bought a plastic one and the first time she used it, it broke. I thought hey, it’s $13 I’ll get one have a play if I like it I can save up for a metal one yeah?

I got home, started reading tutorials on what to do with them. Noticed lots of photos of people adding all sorts of contraptions to their makins ultimate extruder (not the one I got!) so that it would be easier to extrude, but forged ahead full of eager eyed optimism. I started out chosing a colour pallete I liked, mixing my clays and making sliced stacks so that I could try the Retro Cane, which though simple is kinda cute and effective. With a lot of effort and straining and grunting, that I am not sure would have sounded at all pleasant to anyone who heard it I did manage to get most of a barrel extruded. I tried following a pillow bead tutorial with it, without much success and then I smooshed the pillow beads up thinking maybe I would try Balinese Filigree instead, that is really pretty. So I refilled the barrel (well not all the way, I’m not a complete masochist) this time I grabbed some foam handles from wrist exercisers and used them to help me push the plunger down and BINGO… one of the wings snapped. LOL!  See proof in photo above.

So if I decide I would really like to do retro canes or filigree or anything else I come across that requires a clay extruder, I will save up and get a good one, as they say (yes over and over and over) and I didn’t listen, don’t get a plastic one!

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